Amed Scuba Bali



Amed is a little village living from fishing and salt panning. When you arrive you can see all this colourful wooden boats called jukung and the wooden squares where the people from Amed collect there salt from the seawater. You should have a look on it! Who is looking for an easy and nice beach and dive holiday – with family as well – will never forget Amed.
Amed`s greatest charm is its wide range and variety of sites. You can dive on a shipwreck, vertical drop-offs, and pretty coral gardens and over sand slopes in a smooth drift dive. You will see unforgettable and for this island single hard coral formations substitute by a variety of colourful soft corals and marine life.

The shallow slopes are highly recommended for beginners and for snorklers because the beautifully corral gardens reaches directly under the surface and in the bay of Amed you will find no current. Therefore the bay is perfect for children as well! The visibility is usually very good (over 40 meters) because the volcano stones of the beach keep the water crystal-clear and gemstone blue.

You can start your dives directly from the beach and in the water you will find a splendid diversity of tropical fauna which includes next to the corals huge sponges, gorgonians, nudibranch and fishes. You will hear sweetlips and parrotfish making crazy noises under the water when they pick a coral for example or you see all these colourful reef fish like groups of surgeonfish and many more.

 1. Jemeluk Drop-off

Amed offers excellent dive sites for training dives and shows all the beauty for experienced divers as well. The magnificent reef of Jemeluk which covers the total wide of the beach grounds starts directly in front of our dive school. If you enter the crystal-clear water you find a flat bottom lagoon for instruction and a drop-off, only a five minute swim away. This area can be highly recommended for introductory dives. And even if you are an experienced diver you will find along the wall always something new on each dive, no matter how many times you will dive here. It is a spectacular site for night dives as well.

The wall falls down until app. 30 meters and it is covered with a variety of colourful hard and soft corals. You will see 3 meter gorgonian fans which are open in the smooth current to take there dinner and huge sponges with jumping craps and shrimps. There is a splendid diversity of big and small tropical fishes which include for example angelfish, batfish, barracuda, butterflyfish, napoleonfish, lionfish, parrotfish and Bumphead Parrotfish as well. Octopus shows us there talent to change there colour and we will see colourful nudibranch like Chromodoris and Phyllidia species. With a little luck you will discover Spanish Dancers and the Pink Nudibranch. This dive is recommended for all level of divers. You will dive against a very smooth currant in a dept of app. 20 meters along the wall and you come back with the current in shallower water to the point where you have been started.

2.  Amed Ghost Bay

The coral garden reaches directly under the surface and follows a sandy slope until we reach the drop-off of app. 40 meters. In shallow water (on the sandy slope) the Indonesian government designated on concrete blocks a conservation area to rebuild the corals which were damaged before. Here you will see the coral growing and lots of fishes and “critters”. In the sand slope you can see blue spotted rays. blacktip and whitetip reef sharks sleep under Table Corals. Along the wall we find intact magnificent and colourful hard and soft corals.

Sometimes there can be a current. For this smooth drift dive we are using local outriggers called jukung. These local fishing boats will follow us while we are diving and pick us up at the end of our dive to bring us back to the beach. This dive is recommended for beginners and experienced divers.

3. Bunutan

Along a shallow slop which falls down from five until app. 40 meters you dive with a sometimes in a nice drift. You will discover an eel garden and wonderful coral formations at fife different diving sites here along the bay of Bunugan.

In 28 meters you will find an interesting wall which shows us lots of different hard and soft corals. When we go with the current we can see schools of barracudas, boxfish, puffers, lionfish and whitetip and blacktip reef sharks. The boat will follow the experienced divers while the drift.

4. The Japanese Shipwreck

South of Amed in a little bay you will find a small steel and wooden shipwreck. We don’t know anything about the history of this wreck but we can highly recommend diving this site.

The freighter lies in shallow water from 3 until 15 meters. It is wonderful encrusted with colourful christmas trees, soft corals, gorgonians and black corals. You will see lots of big and small reef fish which have found a home inside the freighter. The rich variety of colourful species makes this dive site so special. Also the area around the boat is rich of species like nudibranch, lobster, barracuda, tuna and lots of colourful reef fishes. Because we will find always a little current in this place a boat will follow the divers and pick them up at the end of the dive. This dive site is also recommended for beginners.

5. Gili Selang

Gili Selang is for me one of the most beautiful dive sites in Bali and in the world! But it is not possible to dive here as beginner because you will find a strong rotate up- and down current like in a washing machine. And this dive is also only possible if the conditions are good! We reach the dive site with a traditional Balinese outrigger called jukung. The small island Gili Selang is divided from Bali through an only five meter deep channel.

North of the island is a shallow lagoon where we start our dive. Here you will find a marine life which is virtually untouched. This underwater world offers a rich array of fish and hard and soft coral which you see nowhere else. The lagoon is only 18 meters deep and you will notice similar no current. If you leave the lagoon to dive around the island you find a wall falling down in the deep blue. Sometimes you will find here a very strong up and down current. You should be an experienced diver to stand this washing machine! With a little luck you can see here hammerhead sharks as well.

6. Seraya

North of Amed on the way to Tulamben you find Seraya. We start the dive from the boat. In only fife meters small coral formation and white hydrozoans grow on black lava stones and sponges as well. You will find here a countless number of small marine lives. You will see different kind of colourful nudibranch, different kind of seahorses (like Pygmy Seahorses, Thorny Seahorses or Kuda Seahorse or Ghost Pipefish) and a lot of colourful reef fishes as well. It is a spectacular dive site for mug diving like in Secret Bay or in Monkey Reef! It is highly recommended for underwater photographers!

7. Batu Kelebit

Batu Kelebit is a beautiful place to dive and can be only reached by the traditional Balinese outrigger sailing boats called Jukung. Batu Kelebit is situated between Amed and Tulamben in front of a steep cliff, which offers no way on foot to the sea. If you like dive sites with lots of soft and hard coral, gorgonians, and plenty of macro-scale life, where you can see big animals as well as fantastic underwater structure you will love this place! Here you will find one of the best dive sites of Bali!